GEN’s LABO “Huge Santa invasion” – 巨大サンタ襲来

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Today’s review is going back to GEN’s LABO to watch a cosplaying giantess stomp around buildings in the greater Tokyo area. (NOTE: The last GEN’s LABO review was a look at “Online GTS-2,” posted this past June.)

Be warned, the holiday-attired antagonist in “Huge Santa invasion” – 巨大サンタ襲来 is on a destructive rampage! (NOTE: Sadly, her motivation to destroy things or the method used to achieve her superhuman stature was never explained. For that matter, it would also have been interesting to learn who tailored her immense attire!) The 37-minute long video begins with the Santa giantess appearing in the suburbs of Chiba, Japan, at 9:30PM on Christmas Eve in the year 20XX (which looks a lot like Chiba in 2007) 😉

Chiba City contains a significant cargo port and a zoo which is home to a famous red panda named “Futa.” Futa is renowned for standing on his hind legs and was the inspiration for the character “Pabu” on the American TV series “Legend of Korra.” Chiba is also the location in which Tokyo Comic Con is held. So, let’s hope the city withstands the rampage!

Two tanks are present at the beginning to oppose the assault. They fire their main cannons and machine guns at the titanic lady, but it’s all futile. She acts unconcerned at their armed opposition. Instead, she slowly walks forward and crushes the roof of a car under her high heeled boot. CGI fire covered the vehicle after she demolished it. The flames looked disconnected and did not feel like they belonged in the scene, but the attempt was nice at least.

The toes on her boots were seriously elongated.

The giantess also steps on one of the tanks and presumably kills the soldiers within. Afterward, we see her enter the busy Chiba town center. That town center is populated by some fake looking CGI people.

Ideally, real human actors would have been pasted into these shots via chroma keying, but it’s understandable why the production went the cheaper route and used CGI people.

Apparently, news of the invasion has not been shared as the shoppers are walking around without any apparent concern for their own safety. That’s too bad for them as Huge Santa is going to continue her destructive wandering.

The onslaught continues as she steps on several vans. (NOTE: Unfortunately, the actress plays the role in a subdued manner. There is no indication of excitement and she appears disinterested in her actions. That may have been the guidance provided by the director, but I would have preferred more liveliness. Emotionless performances were also an issue in the other GEN LABO’s videos which I previously reviewed.)

I like the perspective used for this shot and the inclusion of the realistic billboard partially obscuring her face.
This is so exciting, I might even move my arms slightly to show my (yawn) enthusiasm… or not

She does have at least one trick up her sleeve when she raises a hand and shoots fire from a fingertip ❗

She uses this pyrokinetic ability to torch a 7-Eleven and several pedestrians.

Unsatisfied with just burning the convenience store and some people, the giantess proceeds to attack an apartment building. The structure looked pretty good from afar, but its Styrofoam construction was eventually made obvious.

A “Honma” car dealership also falls prey to those pulverizing feet and it’s thoroughly flattened.

Oh no! Think of all those ruined Honda Fits! Err… I mean “Honma Pits” 😉

The Japan Air Self-Defense Force arrives to take part in the struggle. One of their F-16 fighter aircraft launches a missile which initially proves more successful than the tanks. At the very least, the missile knocks her back while the tanks had not achieve even that small victory. Accordingly, more missiles are lobbed at her.

She responds in the tried and true manner of all rampaging monsters, that is to say she grows even bigger to combat the pesky aerial assailants! There’s not really a growth process on screen though. Instead, she is surrounded by rainbow lights and then (poof!) she is much larger!

A computer-generated city replaced the practical model city when she achieved her final size.

Her new mega-giantess status greatly reduces the threat poised by those F-16s. Thus, she destroys them in short order. Afterward, she breaks out the fire finger once more and burns all of Chiba City. Then the credits roll.

However, after the credits there’s almost nine minutes of more action played without dialogue, but with an instrumental musical track. Think of the last section as an extended music video made with unused footage and with what sounds like royalty-free music.

Overall, this was an interesting production. It costs almost $50 so I cannot recommend it due to the high expense. (NOTE: It must also be noted that I am unsure if non-Japanese credit cards can be used to purchase the clip.) However, for hardcore fans that are willing to dole out that much cash there are a ton of features such as action scenes with aircraft and tanks, crushable cars, buildings with working room lights, etc. that bring more to the table than many other size-themed video clips. Huge Santa invasion can be purchased for 5,000円 (about $48.03 in U.S. dollars as of mid-December 2020) at the following link:

That’s it for today. Thursday’s article will cover a seasonally appropriate Giantess Fan comic. Until then, keep growing!

P. S. I hope that Huge Santa didn’t burn down Makuhari Messe. That’s where Tokyo Comic Con has been held since 2016. This year’s convention was held online, but I do hope that Tokyo Comic Con 2021 takes place in person!

Photo taken by SolomonG during Tokyo Comic Con 2017.

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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