“The General’s Daughter” and “The Growth of Valerie Wu” by Amber Collins

Good morning all,

Today’s post is a requested review. Two blog readers solicited my opinion on giantess erotica written by Amber Collins. Specifically, Paul Berry asked on July 29th in the comments section of the “All-Natural” 1 through 10 post and Darrin Hill asked on September 4th in the comments of Amber’s interview. (SIDE NOTE: Click here to read that interview and learn more about this prolific writer!)

However, it’s important to be transparent. Yours truly, Solomon G, Esq., also sells erotic stories on Amazon. I will strive to be objective, but there is a potential conflict of interest. That’s to say, if everyone would stop buying other author’s books and only buy mine then I would benefit financially! But what would the fun be in that? It’d be boring to only get one perspective. Thus, I want others to also make content and try to judge their works fairly. Nonetheless, folks should keep my status as a fellow size-fetish writer in mind when reading this article and decide for themselves if I’m biased.

Also, this may go without mentioning, but it’s best to state outright that just because I make a particular point does not mean that my own works do not also have similar problems.

All that noted, without further ado, let’s now dive into the first story: “The General’s Daughter.” This 35-page story (page count as shown on a Kindle) was first released in mid-March 2017. The titular daughter is named Samantha (a.k.a. Sam). She and her friend Tim are the main characters who engage in sex and growing and eventually are joined by a scientist named Bethany King for a growing threesome.

Right up front, let me note that this particular fantasy is one of my favorites! Fans of oversized group sex should enjoy this short tale and furthermore it sells for a very reasonable cost.

However, not everything was great. The first gripe is due to 20 years experience in the U.S. military. Thus, there was some eye-rolling after reading that the base in The General’s Daughter blocks all outgoing signals, heavily monitored the wi-fi, and blocked most web sites. Additionally, there were no televisions hooked up to cable and no food beyond Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) pouches.

Presumably, this draconian environment sets the stage for Sam’s desire for excitement, no matter how crazy. However, it was an absurd depiction of a contemporary American military base. Those installations have many fast-food restaurants (not claiming three Michelin stars establishments, but simply that there’s more food than MREs), televisions with cable and/or the American Forces Network (AFN), and young, horny soldiers who are able to surf the Internet, even porn sites 😮 !

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I have not visited every single American military base. Theoretically, there may exist one with all of those restrictions. A place where soldiers also fire depleted uranium rounds out their asses and fly around on camouflaged winged unicorns 😉 All in all, I’d have preferred a more accurate depiction in which Sam got tired of watching AFN and eating junk food from the Exchange food court.)

In a similar vein, it would have enhanced the feeling of immersion if a more complete picture had been given. For instance, when Sam traveled to the gym that trip could have included passing by armories, parade grounds, shooting ranges, static displays of armored vehicles and tanks, etc., things that differentiate a military base from other places.

Still, the “problem” most pertinent to general audiences is that this sets up a sequel which was never made. Let’s get “The General’s Daughter” Part II and continue the erotic adventures of Bethany, Sam, and Tim!

Next, let’s move on to “The Growth of Valerie Wu.” This tale was published in early June, 2021, and runs for 44 pages. It’s focused on Valerie Wu, a young college co-ed who has begun to grow supernaturally fast. While in captivity, she befriends a man named Miles Perkins, a former New York City Police Department (NYPD) crisis negotiator hired to keep her calm.

Of note, this was a commission. I highlight that because somethings that I dislike may have been specifically requested. However, whether or not something was created as a commission has no bearing on my analysis. I cannot think of any reason why it should.

For instance, let’s say someone paid Codi Vore to sit naked on a couch and read Emmanuelle Arsan’s 1967 novel “Emmanuelle” in the original French. Later on she puts that up for sale to the public. My review of that hypothetical clip would advise non-French speakers that the dialogue was completely in French. French was what the requester wanted, but other customers may prefer English. I’m only using French as an arbitrary example and this is not meant to denigrate that lovely language.

Alternatively, a fan could pay for Codi Vore to wear a black wig and masturbate while extolling the virtues of baked lotus root chips in side salads. (SIDE NOTE: Not for nothing, but lotus root chips are tasty! 😉 ) I would advise customers that only hardcore lotus-root-in-salad aficionados, like myself, would appreciate it.

The point is that reviews are meant to inform other buyers, not the original commissioner. Whether or not something was commissioned should have no influence on opinions. I only bring this up because creators occasionally highlight that a particular work was a commission as if that negated all critiques.

Returning to The Growth of Valerie Wu, this was an enjoyable growth story with the added plus of a few sex scenes. However, there were things that could have been improved.

For one, the reason behind her ongoing transformation was not adequately explored. There were opportunities such as when scientists took bodily fluid samples to test her DNA. It felt like the mystery behind her constant growth was going to be explained, or at least a plausible guess made, but that never happened. Miles claims that 200 people including nutritionists, psychologists, and doctors oversee Valerie and were trying to “… learn what made her grow,” but they never make significant progress. One man tries a painful experiment on Valerie, but his theory was immediately disproved.

Additionally, character descriptions were very sparse. Valeria was first described only as an “Asian girl.” Her physical attributes were later given as “… sleek black hair, slanted eyes, and sharp chin.” which was regrettable. The phrases “slanted eyes” or “slant-eyed” can be used to disparage Asian people, as seen in the following definition from Dictionary.com, https://www.dictionary.com/browse/slant-eyed

Similar entries can be found at Merriam-Webster: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/slant-eyed and the Collins dictionary: https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/slant-eyed

To be clear, I’m working on the assumption that Amber was not aware of the disparaging interpretation. (NOTE: I recommend that authors who want to use Asian characters read the tumblr post “Describing Asian Eyes,” click here for it, from “Writing With Color.”)

I’d love to have gotten more information, such as something unique about Valerie whether that would have been a tiny mole on her cheek, a faint scar from a childhood bicycle crash, one breast ever so slightly larger than the other, etc. Such attributes could be considered “imperfections” and detract from her beauty, but a woman can be pretty even if her body isn’t perfectly symmetrically and has a few blemishes.

The same lack of detail holds true for Miles Perkins. The only thing readers learned was that he was six feet tall, wore a size eleven boot, and had an “average”-sized penis. Valerie considers him to be cute, but readers don’t know why. We do not learn if he had blond or brown hair, a thick beard or was clean-shaven, a nose that was big and broad or pointy and sharp, etc. Maybe he worked out like a bodybuilder and had pronounced muscles? Valerie did note that “He was probably the alpha dog in his real life …” So, maybe he was physically impressive or alternatively maybe he just behaved in a confident manner.

Regarding the general narrative structure, it consisted of journal entries from Miles and Valorie. That approach works okay, but doesn’t make sense when Valorie tries to flirt with Miles without the guards noticing. If she doesn’t want anyone to know about the flirting, why would she write about it in a journal which the guards more than likely read?

One last note, neither bad or good, is that there was a dark undertone. It was stated that Valerie’s condition may eventually cause a great catastrophe. Miles believes that the secretive government organization keeping her captive would kill her if they couldn’t find a way to contain her. Furthermore, while there was no destructive rampage, there was an accident in which one man was grievously wounded. I’d still classify this as a gentle tale in general, but want to make gentle giantess fans aware of the violence and depressing outlook.

Now, let’s move on to the pluses. There’s some rewarding interaction here. Such as when Miles thinks, after a failed attempt at intimacy, that he “… wanted to touch her even more ” than she did. However, he worried about how big she would be when he finally mustered the courage. That was a relatable concern, all of us can sympathize when someone misses a chance at romance. More worryingly in this specific situation, the next chance might take place when she is too big for him to satisfy sexually. Although, I’m confident that my fellow giantess fans would be happy to caress a giant woman regardless of her stature, whether that be ten feet tall or a thousand!

The growth sequences were also well done, particularly in how Valerie enjoyed the process. She repeatedly dons ever-larger clothing and lives in ever-bigger rooms which means there was always something to outgrow! Additionally, the build up to the lovemaking scenes was skillfully executed. A lesser narrative would just throw people together and make they fuck without preamble. Here there was a logical progression.

Overall, I did enjoy The Growth of Valerie Wu. I recommend it to growth fans, but also recommend that Amber charge more! Her individual stories sell for $0.99 each which is too cheap. I suggest pricing these at $2.99, no less.

Fans can find Amber’s written erotica at the following link: https://www.amazon.com/Amber-Collins/e/B07XXMN61M/

That’s it for today folks. Next week’s reviews will begin with a look at “The Colossal GIGANTICA” by Bratty Foot Girls. Until then, keep growing!

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5 thoughts on ““The General’s Daughter” and “The Growth of Valerie Wu” by Amber Collins

  1. Solo, thanks again for the shout out. Can I be honest for a second? There are 2 reasons why I’m reading Amber’s stories. 1: Her GTS stories doesn’t involve some tiny being eaten, stepped on, sat on, or crushed in a giantess’ vagina while being used as a human dildo. A refreshing change of pace. 2: Amber’s stories are available in paperback. I HATE KINDLE! I used it once. Next thing I know, Amazon got me for $175. If your GTS stories were available in paperback format, I’d buy them. Not bias. Just old school.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Darrin,

      I also prefer gentle giantess stories, in general. Although, on occasion I enjoy darker takes on the size theme.

      As far as making paperback copies available, that’s something I will look into. My initial assumption was that many customers would feel embarrassed to own a physical book of fetish erotica. They shouldn’t feel embarrassed, but nonetheless that could be the case. The thought also was that hard copies would be in low demand because porn has shifted to digital as shown by how many adult magazines like Hustler, Leg Show, Penthouse, Playboy, etc. stopped publishing. Additionally, several of my stories are on E-junkie for folks who don’t want to use Amazon and Kindle.

      Finally, I’d like to recommend Taedis’s upcoming paperback anthology with the unofficial title “Small print 2: Eclectic Boogaloo” That will consist of multiple short stories from numerous authors. Some will not be gentle, but you may find something there you like. It should be published later this year. https://taedis.blogspot.com/2021/03/small-print-2-eclectic-boogaloo.html


  2. Solo, thanks for the heads up regarding Taedis & e-junkie. I’ll check them both out. BTW: regarding the paperback thing, I suggest reaching out to Amber. Ask her if printing your stories is worth the effort. Everybody don’t like what I like. Try printing 1 book. If it works, great. If not, kill it. Personally, I still would love to read your story “Growth in the Grotto”. Might be selfish. But, I’m a huge fan of Playboy. Always have been since I was 13.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was also a fan of Playboy back in the day. Nowadays, the magazine is no longer relevant to me, and I assume that’s true for most people, but back in the day they were something. Not for nothing, but they honestly had interesting articles along with the photos of lovely ladies.

      As for “Growth in the Grotto,” it’s my take on “What If Playboy Mansion, but with machine that turns women into giantesses?” and I had a lot of fun writing it!


  3. Hottest MFF Giant on Giantesses Threesome ever.

    I’d love to see how they survive on the run or what happens when the Growth Serum gets out in the wild, so to speak.

    Liked by 1 person

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