Interview with Amber Collins, Author of More Than 300 Size-related Erotic Stories!

Amber Collins has been a lifelong lover of shrinking and growing and decided a few years ago to create her own size fetish content. Since then, she has produced an impressive number of macrophilia and microphilia stories. Her treasure trove of size erotica can be found on Amazon and can be purchased in the form of individual short stories or in comprehensive collections. In addition to written tales, Amber hired several voice actors to produce audible versions of her erotica. Size fans can also commission Amber to draft tales based directly on their inputs. In general, Amber prefers gentle scenarios, but has dabbled with a few rougher scenarios. Folks can follow Amber on her blog and via Twitter.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I was born and raised in central West Virginia. I’m a literature major but there wasn’t a lot to do with that degree in my area so I decided to get a Masters in Teaching. Until a couple of years ago I was a K-5 school teacher. I’m married, I’m probably slightly older than my readers think I am, and I have one little boy. When I’m not writing I’m an avid reader and gamer.

#2) How did you first become interested in size manipulation?

I would say the fantasy found me. I can remember watching Alice in Wonderland and Superfriends (Giganta) when I was very young. They always gave me a feeling that I couldn’t explain – something almost dirty, although I’d never be able to tell someone that. The feeling stayed with me into the sexually active age and when I got to high school and started to spend more time online, I discovered there was a whole world of people like me. It was the greatest thing ever. I still remember the first pic I ever saw in the community – a giant-sized Scully stepping on a tiny Mulder (X-Files).

#3) Any advice for people who want to tell their significant others about their size fetish?

I was lucky in this respect. I met my husband through the size community and was blown away that he lived just a few hours away. This fantasy is rare on its own, but to find someone in the same rural area who loves it is even rarer. But I’ve learned this . . . You have to be open and honest with your partner. If they love you, they’ll accept you and do their best to understand the fetish. That’s where WE sometimes have the problem. This fantasy has been so easy for us because it comes naturally and it’s been with us for most of our lives. You have to go slow when showing it to someone or trying to explain it. Their brains typically aren’t wired the same.

#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

As far as writing, I don’t read a lot from the community these days. It’s not that I don’t like any, it’s that I write so much that I’m always afraid I’m going to inadvertently take someone’s work, or at least borrow themes. But ‘back in the day’ I was a big fan of a writer who called himself Khan. He wrote a lot of stories that inspired my own work. I’m a visual person, so I LOVE digital art and collages. I remember a guy named Tywest who did amazing videos that really stroked my fantasy.

#5) How would you describe your own stories?

When I first started writing I wanted to address my own fantasies. I felt that I was in the minority of what I liked, so there was a gap in the community (at least in my opinion). I’m not into crushing or vore. I also don’t like sizes that are so big that you lose being a person. Giga and Ultra sizes, for example. So my stories are more practical. Someone described them once as ‘gentle, consensual shrinking/growing for pure sexual enjoyment’ and I think that captures exactly what I like to say.

#6) Any tips for other authors who want to sell erotica?

I would tell anyone to just put yourself out there. Publishing these days has never been easier. I think the key to success – whatever that means to you – is getting your work in front of as many readers as possible. I didn’t start having success until I’d been doing it for a few years. And even then it was slow at first. Just write what you love, do it a lot, and there will be people who also love it and want you to continue. And also, be nice to people. Sometimes when we talk about our fantasy, we are poised to defend it. We may take someone’s questions of it as a challenge but that’s almost never the case! The few people outside of this community that I’ve shared my work with have all been supportive, even if they didn’t fully understand the concept.

#7) Do you have any upcoming projects that you’d like to mention?

As always I’m constantly working on commissions. I publish about a third of that to Amazon. Some of my older stories will be seeing their own sequels. For example, my popular series from The Princess is about to have its third sequel released. Keep an eye out for my collections: The next volumes of ‘The Shrink Ray Collection’ and ‘The Magic and Abilities Collection’ are on the horizon.

Thank you for doing this interview!

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11 thoughts on “Interview with Amber Collins, Author of More Than 300 Size-related Erotic Stories!

  1. Solo, great interview with Ms. Amber Collins. I’m interested in reading some of her stories. And with Vol. 1 of her giantess collection currently going for $10 on Amazon, I might check it out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Darrin, glad you liked the interview! I hope you enjoy Amber’s stories.


  2. Solo, I purchased Vol. 1 of Amber’s Giant Woman collection. So far, I’ve enjoyed the first 2 stories: Interview with a Giantess & Date Night. I’m shocked that Amber doesn’t have a Facebook group or some other type of social media thumbprint. I’m sure that you’ll correct me if I’m wrong. LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As mentioned in the introduction, Amber has a presence on Twitter. Looks like that’s the best place to go for the latest updates. Also, Paul Berry asked me to review one of her works. Accordingly, I’ll review “The General’s Daughter” on 16 September.


      1. Solo, just finished reading Interview with a Giantess & Date Night. These gentle giantess stories are enjoyable. My suggestion is why don’t you write a review of The Growth of Valerie Wu. After all, you did use a screenshot of the cover of that book to go with your interview with Amber. BTW: there over 45 different Amber Collins on Twitter.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Darrin,

        I’ve already stated previously that I’d review “The General’s Daughter,” but I’ll see if I can also squeeze in “The Growth of Valerie Wu” and review two stories at once. The stories are short; so, that should be doable.

        Also, while there are undoubtedly many Amber Collins on Twitter I linked to her specific account. If you click on “Twitter” at the very end of the introductory paragraph above that’ll take you to the right place. This is Amber’s Twitter account:

        I figured it was common practice to just hyper-link words like “Patreon” and “Twitter” to the creator’s accounts. I thought that approach looked cleaner than listing the URLs after those words, like Twitter: XXX, YouTube: XXX, etc. etc. However, maybe that was confusing?


  3. Solo, it looks like I’ll be reading “The General’s Daughter” as well. That story is included in Vol. 1. I just noticed that I’m 2 stories away. I look forward to comparing notes.

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