“From Genius to Goddess” with TerraMizu

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Today, let’s check out a growth-themed video starring TerraMizu. (NOTE: Sometimes her stage name was spelled as one word, other times as two. We’ll call her “Terra” for short.) Terra has appeared in many videos for Ginary’s Giantess Adventures such as “Cruel Giantess Terra Mizu,” “Terra Mizu Shrinks & Eats You,” “The Girls Next Door Shrink & Eat You,” etc. However, Terra now manages two different studios of her own, “Terra Temptations,” which produced the video we will analyze today, and “Taste of TerraMizu,” which focuses on mouth fetish and even includes Terra and several other models engaging in “tongue fights.” (As one does…)

(SIDE NOTE: Not sure if the name of an Italian coffee-flavored dessert was the best choice for a performer making erotica, but to each their own. Furthermore, I must admit to enjoying the performance of “Betty Bigones” so it would be disingenuous to claim that my tastes are sophisticated 😀 )

This review will cover “From Genius to Goddess.” That clip was released on April 11th, 2020, and runs for over 17 minutes. The premise is that Terra is a young (more on that later) scientist wanting the respect of her peers and thus develops and tests a growth formula on herself. That’s a more dramatic approach than simply publishing a groundbreaking paper, but you’ll hear no complaint from me 😉 Well, at least you won’t hear any complaints about the premise of a lovely lady testing a size-changing catalyst.

Initially, she had the stereotypical nerd look with glasses, lab coat, and a short Bob haircut. Although, she could have left her fingernails unpainted for this initial segment to further represent the nerd persona. Would it make sense for growing to result in one’s nails suddenly becoming painted? No 🙂 But one’s eyesight improving due to growing taller is not necessarily a foregone conclusion either 😎

Right off the bat, it’s important to note that there is an age-progression theme worked into the narrative. That’s a potentially unnerving aspect. Although, to be crystal clear, the actress herself is of legal age to perform in pornography and at the end of this clip was a line of text stating that it was “2257 Compliant.” That refers to an American law called the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1988; the guidelines for enforcing that act are informally known as 2257 regulations.

However, Terra continually refers to “being” older after taking the growth formula and mentions at one point that she then resembled a college senior. It is my assumption (or at least, my fervent hope) that viewers were meant to assume that Terra’s character was at least 18 years old. Additionally, she mentions having scientist colleagues; so, presumably she herself worked as a scientist which is rather difficult to do before turning 18.

That noted, I really do not want someone to chime in at this point and state “Well, actually Solo she is definitely making an adult video in which she is pretending to be underage.” While it was good to see the reference to 2257 compliance, it would have been better if it had been unambiguously established that the character being young DID NOT mean younger than 18. The bottom line is that customers would have been better served if Terra had omitted the emphasis on being young.

In short order, Terra no longer needs her glasses and her hair has changed color and lengthened. (NOTE: This was preceded by an explosion effect and then a jump cut.)

Regarding the production quality, the set could have been made to resemble a laboratory by placing a stainless steel table in frame and using a solid wall for the background instead of a curtain.

Also, after becoming a bit taller, Terra complains about her lab coat being too tight, but those words don’t jibe with what we see. To put that another way, while she complains of the white coat being constrictive her assertion was contradicted by watching her easily moving about while wearing it. There is a potentially easy fix for this problem. She could wear a coat that fits well at the beginning and then after the jump cut switch into one which is a few sizes too small.

The set design could have used some work. For example, why partially block the room door with a storage box? That gives the room a temporary feel and does not give the appearance of a place where she regularly conducts research.

Additionally, there was no clothes ripping. She implies that her clothes were partially destroyed (off camera), but no destruction appeared on screen. Instead, Terra donned a cropped top and jean shorts after another jump cut.

Multiple growth sequences were a plus.
While viewers were not privy to the process of her attire being ripped apart, it was great to see another performer willing to perform au naturel. After assuming the title of world’s tallest nudist, she stomps about a bit and crushes some unseen people behind a building. (As one does… 😉 )

Overall, I wanted to like this video, but the potentially “too young” subtext in the story is impossible to ignore. Therefore, I cannot recommend this.

That’s it for this week’s reviews folks. Next on the agenda will be a comic published by Giantess Fan. Until then, keep growing!

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4 thoughts on ““From Genius to Goddess” with TerraMizu

  1. hi i loved your review i loved you could make a review just a video of Laurie Steele of she hulk called SHE HULK ANGER ISSUES and please can comment on her shoes being destroyed by I loved

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    1. Okay, I’ll aim to review “She Hulk Anger Issues” in October 🙂


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