A Look at “Tales from Domina’s Valley” Parts 1 through 27 by Bmtbguy

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I hope that everyone’s week is going well. Today, we’re going to examine “Tales from Domina’s Valley” from bmtbguy. (Check out an interview with bmtbguy here.) It’s important to state right at the beginning that sales of Domina’s Valley provide bmtbguy the financial support necessary to continue producing the free Cheap Tricks. So, if fans of Cheap Tricks want to make sure it keeps getting new stories then they should strongly consider buying Domina’s Valley!

Tales from Domina’s Valley Chapter 1 was first posted nearly a decade ago in late September 2011 at Giantess City:

Chapter 27 – “Mountain of Lust” (the most recent installment) was released in early July 2021:

As my readers will hopefully understand, nearly 10 years of work and 27 chapters is a lot to summarize! Well over a thousand pages have been produced for Domina’s Valley and that’s not counting the cross-over, “Cheap Tricks & Tales From Domina’s Valley – The Meeting,” published in early September 2015, or the non-canonical “Wishes for 2014” which can be read for free at Giantess City. Thus, this will be an overview and not a comprehensive break-down.

My intent here is to provide enough details so potential readers can decide if Tales from Domina’s Valley is worth their hard-earned cash.

This series focuses on a 37-year old professor named Peter Tyson (a.k.a. The Ice Cube) who takes a job teaching classes at Domina’s Valley University. The professor gradually learns more about the magic behind Domina’s Valley, which was known as “The Healthy Mistress Field” in books and as “Dominas Valens Campus” during ancient times.

Jessy is second from the left and Giselle is second from the right on this page from Chapter 1.

Professor Tyson encounters a number of very tall, and still growing, young ladies. Over the course of 27 chapters he dates big-breasted Giselle, then athletic Jessy, and also manages to have sex with at least one another mini-giantess. (Lucky guy!)

The emphasis is on slow and steady growth with most increases consisting of only a few inches at a time. (NOTE: Sadly, there was no clothing destruction. Bulging boobs pop out of tops, but they don’t actually tear those tops apart. Of course, that also means that no one violently outgrows a home or other building 😥 ) Some scenes showcase more substantial surges during which women become more than ten inches taller. Furthermore, a few dream and spell-casting sequences depict enormous gains in which ladies become fifty-foot tall or larger!

This image was taken from Chapter 6.

There is a quest involving the collection of five jewels which are necessary for a summoning.

This was taken from Chapter 9. Several Goddesses and fairies were introduced in this series as well.

There are also many discussions of Professor Tyson’s Theory of Induced Evolution.

This example was from Chapter 2.

However, I don’t see the point for his theory. All of the growth comes from magic and thus the theory was a side detail that had no bearing on the plot. Initially, I thought that Induced Evolution would be the driving force causing the ladies to become taller, but that did not happen. All of the transformations were caused by supernatural means, not natural processes like evolution. Bottom line, Prof. Tyson’s Theory of Induced Evolution was a waste of time.

In general, everything moves at a leisurely pace. I believe that’s intentional to stretch out Tales from Domina’s Valley as long as possible. In contrast to other prolific CGI artists like Dinner-Kun, EndlessRain0110, or RedFireD0g, bmbtguy only produces two different comics, Cheap Tricks and Tales from Domina’s Valley. (NOTE: There was also Giantess Dream, but that’s part of the Cheap Tricks universe.) If those other artists had followed a similar path then Dinner-Kun’s Project Izanami would have gone beyond ten parts, EndlessRain0110’s Expansion Suits would be continued further than 12 chapters and an epilogue, and RedFireD0g’s SugarPills would still be getting new installments.

I like having an indefinitely running size-themed comic with enduring characters. It reminds me of manga like Tite Kubo’s “Bleach” and Eiichiro Oda’s “One Piece.”

However, Tales from Domina’s Valley is not very exciting. As already mentioned, there is a quest involving five jewels, but there’s no timeline. The jewels don’t need to be gathered before a specific time. If Prof. Tyson doesn’t do it tomorrow, he can do it next month, or next year, or ten years from now.

Perhaps mini-story arcs could add urgency by giving our heroes smaller goals that have to be met before a given deadline. For example, maybe Professor Tyson needs to recover a certain jewel by the end of the week otherwise his relationship with Jessy will be ruined. Anything to add motivation and consequences to liven up the action!

That’s not to claim that the growing women were not fun.

For example, there was an extended sequence during a volleyball match in Chapter 5 which featured Giselle jumping into the air and inadvertently smashing her bosom into Professor Tyson’s face. Not for nothing, but that chapter also features a bit in which two gorgeous gals switch their tops along the courtside, in front of everybody! 😉 (NOTE: Additionally, that chapter had a fourth-wall breaking image that I don’t want to spoil. Bottom line, Chapter 5 was a fun volleyball match!)

SIDE NOTE: This chapter also highlighted my ignorance of volleyball player positions! One of the characters was assigned the “Libero” spot and I was unfamiliar with that term, but a quick Google search revealed that the term is commonly used.

Other hijinks during later matches include ultra-busty gal Eden holding a ball with her cleavage:

This was from Chapter 23. Apparently, this wasn’t considering “carrying” because she wasn’t touching the ball with her hands or feet 😉 Referees please comment below and let everyone know if that’s legit!

There were also lovely lines of dialogue such as:

He better demonstrate his cunnilingus skills! This was from Chapter 18.

However, some of the dialogue was awkward with either extra or missing words.

Chapter 7
Chapter 8

A little confusing too was that Jessy’s name was first spelled as “Jessie” in the Chapter 1. Since then, it has consistently been Jessy.

As already mentioned, action occurs at a gradual pace. Nudity was absent until a brief exposed nipple in Chapter 5. Growth didn’t occur until Chapter 6, and that was after some fake-outs in which girls raised themselves slowly onto their toes. The first time this “standing on their toes” trick occurred it was clever, but it was re-used a little too much. Sex scenes were rare and the first did not appear until Chapter 9. Penises were kept out of sight until Chapter 24.

Additionally, I would classify this as a gentle growth comic, but it must be reported that one character, Vivian, repeatedly acted and talked in a violent manner, which felt jarring compared to everyone else. For example:

Chapter 4
Jesus Christ lady! Overreact much? This was from Chapter 8.

However, no one has been hurt, beyond that choking which certainly couldn’t have been fun, and there was no bloodshed so I still consider this a gentle growth comic.

Probably the biggest thing to change would be to reinforce and streamline the main plot. It has gotten confusing and I could use a refresher on where our heroes are in that five jewels quest.

Assuming that the necklaces are the jewels, this was their status in Chapter 20.

Overall, I recommend Tales from Domina’s Valley to fans of slow and steady female growth, who also appreciate the occasional sex scene. Currently, the chapters can be bought individually or in bundles at a reduced price here: https://www.livethegiantessdream.com/p/shop.html

However, if I was King for a day, I’d streamline and clarify the many jewels and Goddesses, fix the typos, and create an omnibus with all 27 chapters so new customers could purchase the entire run with a single purchase.

Could Eden and Giselle also make love to each other and then rapidly grow and dramatically burst of their clothes and home? Please and thank you!

That’s it for today, next week will begin with a review of GIGANT Volume 9. Until then, keep growing!

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All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “A Look at “Tales from Domina’s Valley” Parts 1 through 27 by Bmtbguy

  1. Thanks for this wonderful review. I’ve been reading DW since the beginning and it really is an epic piece in the size changing community.

    I agree with your comments. It’s an interesting story but I too have gotten lost trying to keep track of plot, characters, tension, etc. It’s a linear story, but it takes some strange detours to get there.

    I think Professor Tyson is fascinating in that, at the beginning, he was indeed “The Ice Cube” because he was stoic and generally unmoved by the beauty and happenings around him. As he settled into the community (if I recall he moves to DW in chapter one) he succumbs to all its temptation. He has flashes where he remembers he’s a brilliant professor but he just can’t help himself.

    As an aside, I think Eden is one of the hottest fictional characters in the size changing world. Would love to see a spin-off with her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one in the Eden fan club!

      Of interest, bmtbguy replied to my review on September 5th and stated via Twitter:
      “In my defense I must clarify that the objective of the jewels thing is to look confuse, probably I was a bit too successful on that, hahaha. Thanks for the review.
      PS. I plan to fix my old stories text and let it more clear, it will be a slow process (I’m already remaking stuff).”


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