Top 10 Size-Fetish Creations of 2021


Happy New Year everyone!

Prepare yourselves, for we will embark on a perilous voyage and plunge into the ever-increasing waters of macrophilia. The threat of being crushed or swallowed whole is always present. To quote Shakespeare, “Screw your courage to the sticking place!” Do that and then together we may be able to safely plumb the mysterious depths of size! Today, we’re going to examine the Top Ten Size-Fetish Creations of 2021.

That introduction was melodramatic. In truth, the past year was a productive time during which the innovative efforts of new creators were published as well as the superb works from established artists and writers. Previously dormant artist Tetsu returned after 7 years of inactivity; he produced “Our Secrets” a collaboration with Alex GTS in late June 2021, click here for the review. Additionally, for the first time ever (to my knowledge) we saw an African producer, H2O TV, publish giantess videos on YouTube. (NOTE: Click here for that channel.) A lot happened, but I don’t really foresee any risk to life or limb. (Or do I? 😉 )

At the moment, Mrs. Solo and I are enjoying the holiday break and playing a lot of “Titan’s Quest,” an action role-playing game (RPG). Compared to other games in the action RPG genre, Titan Quest doesn’t have the macabre atmosphere of Diablo and it lacks the pop culture references and humor of Torchlight. Nonetheless, it has co-operative play and has been heartily enjoyed in our household. (Although, my better half did accuse me of being a “loot whore” and claimed that I only left “pity loot”! 😮 😉 ) When not gaming, I’ve been thinking and re-thinking about the selections made for this article.

However, a little background about this post is in order, before we begin. I love to read articles and watch videos about “Best of” and “Top Ten” lists. Therefore, part of this holiday break was also spent watching “Top 10 Best Action Figures | 2021” from Anthony’s Customs, “TOP 10 Horror films of 2021 SO FAR!” from Spookyastronauts, and “What are the BEST Comics of 2021?” from ComicTropes on YouTube. They treat the media from their spheres of expertise seriously and provide insight into attributes and qualities of works which are missed during cursory examinations. (NOTE: Although, that’s not an endorsement of all lists. Some discretion is advised as unscrupulous folks use the top ten format to spew out shallow click-bait content.)

Overall, I wish that more people reviewed size fetish media. Too often, it feels that size-fetish models and producers do not actually care about the quality of the media they produce, but instead merely exert only minimal effort to cash in on undemanding size fans. Perhaps, if more people sincerely shared their opinions and desires, like in the form of top ten lists, than producers would put more effort into their works. (On that note, my sincere thanks to Darrin Hill for sharing a Top 12 of 2020 list in January of this year and to Eom for sharing hopes for 2021!)

With the background covered, let’s dive in to the best of size from 2021! In addition to sexually-oriented size-themed works, the year also included interesting action-oriented comics from publishers Dark Horse, they released “Jenny Zero,” and Image, they published “Big Girls” and “UltraMega.” (NOTE: Click here to read a full review of Big Girls.) Both Jenny Zero and UltraMega have had only four issues so far and still have important plot points to resolve. In other words, they stopped right in the middle of the action and it’d be frustrating if that’s how their runs end.

Of those two, UltraMega was significantly more enjoyable and thus is recommended. JennyZero was only okay as there were no likeable characters and thus I’m only lukewarm about whether it’s continued or not. However, UltraMega was great and reportedly will have more issues in 2022! (NOTE: Although, I’m not thrilled at the gap in publication. Issue #4 of UltraMega was released during mid-June 2021 and there’s been nothing else since. Six months have passed and all fans know is that sometime in 2022 there should be more issues, maybe. To quote an oft-heard phrase from my military days, “That’s unsat!”)

Mainstream comics

Far be it for Japan to miss out. The world of manga also hosted similar stories, one of which appears on this Top Ten! No spoilers as to which manga was recognized, but this ice cream bar will give a hint 🙂


In addition to giants fighting and loving within illustrated stories, we finally got a live-action giantess Rita Farr, a.k.a. Elasti-Girl from the Doom Patrol! She had no interaction with normal-sized people and a lot more could have been done with the scene, but this was an encouraging start! Previously, Rita’s powers in the Doom Patrol series manifested only by becoming a formless blob and limited stretching abilities. The scene appeared in Episode 10 of Season 3 and first aired on November 11th. Here’s a screenshot:

Doom Patrol GTS Rita Farr

Now, let’s examine some of the best that size creators had to offer!



#10) Lovely Lilith’s “Futa Chronicles”

The one-woman production that is Lovely Lilith got particularly creative with the two-part Futa Chronicles series. The first, “Locker Room,” was released on June 9th, 2021, and the second, “Nurse’s Office,” was published on November 12th, 2021. Groundwork was laid for an as yet unannounced third entry as well. To be upfront, this may be a controversial choice for this blog. After all, the voluptuous beauty was neither a giantess or a tiny person in either of the videos. However, after extended discussions, the management at There She Grows has decided to allow this entry due to its ground breaking initiative! (NOTE: Not for nothing, but Lilith previously dipped her toes into giantess’ waters with “Tiny lover.”)

Read a full review of Futa Chronicles here.

Hopefully, Lilith will return to the giantess world soon and that could be made even better if she co-starred in that production with another busty performer!

Project Angel

#9) “Project Angel” by BigBeerBear

The current era is dominated by computer-generated imagery (CGI). A few artists continue to produce hand drawn illustrations, but it can often seem that their numbers are drowned out by the ever-increasing horde of CGI artists. CGI has its advantages for sure, such as the comparatively ease of producing comics with CGI vice hand-drawing and the rapid production of lengthy transformation scenes in which the dimensions of a human model can be precisely and incrementally adjusted. However, CGI has its limitations as well, and it often falls shorts when depicting building and clothing destruction.

Hopefully, the two artistic approaches, CGI and hand drawing, will both continue to flourish in the future. Please do your part to keep hand-drawn illustration alive, and experience the creative giantesses in BigBeerBear’s “Project Angel”! The first episode was published on YouTube on July 5th, 2020, while the second was released on June 28th, 2021. Visit BigBeerBear’s channel to watch them both!


#8) Bust Artist’s “grOw/cinema 2: grOwing to a Crescendo”

The predecessor series to this entry, grOw/cinema 1: “The Ever-Expanding Universe” was full of creative scenarios and a plethora of different transformations, but it was narratively uninteresting because its protagonist Carl was literally omnipotent. Distastefully, it also had dark implications when Carl altered women’s minds without their consent to make them his sexual partners, changed their sexual orientations, and modified their family members so they would not interfere with his carnal activities. That extended to forcing a husband to accept whatever explicit acts Carl did with his wife and daughters.

To be honest, in my opinion that’s quite accurate as to what a horny young college student would probably do with unlimited power. There’s no argument from me that it was unrealistic. However, it was without any self-reflection. At no point did Carl think “Maybe sex would be better if I didn’t mind control my partners?” The comic would have been so much better if that thorny issue had been addressed.

In stark contrast, this second grOw/cinema series started strong. The first episode set the stage with an intriguing world of super-powered beings, referred to in terms used for musical production, who can cause incredible physical transformations in others as well as themselves, but nonetheless still had to grapple with conflict and work within certain limitations.

This series has three episodes so far, the first was published on March 26th, 2021, the second on July 16th, and the third on December 10th. Issues 1 and 2 in this series were reviewed here and here. Look for a review of issue 3 in the months to come.


#7) “The Colossal GIGANTICA SFX” by Bratty Foot Girls
Stars Sunshine Tampa and Jason Ninja with post-production work also done by Jason Ninja

This video, first released on August 9th, 2021, showcases fun green-screen effects along with a chest prosthesis to impart the illusion of dramatic breast expansion (B.E.) and height increase. It wasn’t flawless, in particular the difference in color between the performer’s actual skin and the torso piece was jarring. But then, what media is flawless? This was well-worth the purchase price!

See the entire review here.


#6) “A Bittersweet Blessing” by Beetlebomb

A newly wed husband experiences the joy of watching his spouse undergo dramatic B.E. and overall growth! That plus he travels to parallel dimensions, learns that he belongs to a race of magical beings called Remnants, witnesses powerful magic in the form of lifeblood, fights evil doers, finds relics from the Kah’Ruh, etc. etc. It’s all a lot to keep track of and a smidge confusing, but the ambition should be praised. Furthermore, this story, in a censored form, can be read for free at DeviantArt! Those wanting to see the fully explicit action can cough up a few bucks and purchase the uncensored version. Here’s hoping Beetlebomb continues to keep track of this complex narrative and eventually provides a satisfactory conclusion!

Read the full review here.


#5) “The Goth Girl” by EndlessRain0110

In comparison to A Bittersweet Blessing, this is a much simpler tale. However, it set itself apart from most other size fetish stories by remembering to incorporating conflict into the narrative. There is an antagonist, Ash, and a brewing conflict between Ash and goth girl Valeria and her boyfriend Dan (a.k.a. Danny). The many growth scenes demonstrate how well-suited CGI is to those types of transformations. The sex scenes don’t hurt either!

As of this writing, the series is up to part 8. A review of the first four parts can be read here and a review of the fifth here. Comment below if you’d like me to review the rest of the series.


Drawn and written by Hiroya Oku

As December ended so too did the narrative of the GIGANT manga and the story of its heroine Papico (パピコ in Japanese). The final tenth volume, or Tankōbon, was published on December 28th and thanks to Amazon Japan’s speedy delivery, a copy arrived at my door step that very same day. A final GIGANT review is already scheduled for late January. It will be challenging to write, as avoiding spoilers will be difficult but necessary.

Let’s just say that GIGANT was probably the strongest manga fan service to giantess and growth fans in much the same way that Manyū Hiken-chō was the clearest nod to B.E. aficionados. Although, unlike Manyū Hiken-chō, GIGANT actually provided a conclusion.

Those unfamiliar can read about the first volume here. So far, nine volumes have already been covered at There She Grows.


#3) “Tales from Domina’s Valley” by Bmtbguy

Bmtbguy’s free series, “Cheap Tricks,” took the number one spot on the Top Ten of 2019 list. Producing Cheap Tricks is made possible by the money earned from sales of Tales from Domina’s Valley. This long-running companion series funds its even older sister comic.

Domina’s Valley weaves a rich tapestry full of magic with a plethora of size-changing sequences. Chapter 27 – “Mountain of Lust” (the most recent installment) was released in early July 2021.

Learn more about the comic here.


#2) “Streamed” by OpenHighHat (OHH)

Streamed, a “choose your own adventure” visual novel using 550 CGI images, was released in mid-June 2021. Working through a series of multiple choices brings up a diverse range of scenarios. Shrunken man was the primary theme, but a growing woman, a shrunken woman, a tiny couple having sex on top of and inside a woman, unbirth, vore, etc., were also present. It was a delightful time spent picking a path via different dialog options to complete the adventure and then going back to figure out how to reach the other possible endings.

Read more about this game here!

Growing Resident

#1) Sugargirlmodel: “A GROWING RESIDENT” from Destruction Damsels

The Destruction Damsels studio, initially called Midlantic Hotties, first began with a focus merely on clothing destruction without any emphasis on size changing per se. However, they started producing proper growth videos in December 2020 with “A ‘GROWING’ EDUCATION” Featuring Sugargirlmodel. Since then, several similar ones followed in 2021 including Canary Addison: “A GROWING CLIMAX,” Sugargirlmodel: “A GROWING RESIDENT,” and Lady Piedmont in “A GROWING COFFEE DATE.”

All of those feature a healthy dose of humor, well-executed sound mixing, and decent chroma-key or green screen effects (not perfect, but decent). Furthermore, Destruction Damsels isn’t afraid to show completely naked models or parody well-establish media properties. Resident Evil (known as Biohazard in Japan) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have both been parodied.

A GROWING RESIDENT was released on May 26th and as the name suggests it parodies the Resident Evil franchise. Specifically, it asks the question of what if Rebecca was given the same herbs that enlarged an ordinary snake into the monster called Yawn (ヨーン) in the video game. I like this because it includes two separate growth scenes and in the second our heroine consciously chose to grow to save her companions. After all, landing a helicopter in a zombie-infested area is perilous, far better to have a giant woman gently pick people up and place them onboard a mid-air helicopter! 😉

Expect a full review of A GROWING RESIDENT in the near future.


So, that’s my top ten. What do you think? Please share your own opinions in the comments below or send me an e-mail!

To make it easier for others to compile their own Top Ten lists, here are all of my reviews of comics, stories, and videos featuring size-fetish themes created in 2021:

A Benny Predicament” by Craving Jasper

All-Natural” 1 through 10 by CaptainXero and Dinner-Kun

Beetlebomb’s “A Bittersweet Blessing

BluePhone” an ongoing CGI growth series from Alex GTS Artist

Breast Expansion Story Club’s “Office Hours

Butre3004’s “Supermodels Agency” Part 1 through 11

Destruction Damsels Presents Canary Addison in “A GROWING CLIMAX”!

Doublesize” Parts 1 through 7 by EndlessRain0110

EndlessRain0110’s “That Goth Girl,” Part 5

Giantess Anna – growing spontaneously VFX” by Cinematic-GTS

Giantess Club’s “PMD: War,” Issue #4

Giantess Witchcraft” by Emily Valentina

GIGANT Volume 8

GIGANT Volume 9

Ginary’s Giantess Adventures “Nikki Brooks & Paris Love Take Magical Growth Pill

Growbusters” by BotComics

Her Giant Feet at The Beach” from Giantess Clip Store / TheDommeNxtDoor

Ivy’s EXPANDING Power – Draining You to GROW into a Giantess” by Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures

Jyminish’s “My Shrinking Lover Part 2: A Sexy Decrease

My Giantess Girlfriend” by GTSX-3D

Our Secrets” by Tetsu

Rose Black’s “Female Scientist’s Giant Embarrassment Grows Desperately Out Of Control

Spicing Up A Marriage” by Albert Robinson

The Librarian’s GIANTESS Transformation” by Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures

Tiny Stocking Stuffer for your Giantess Ex-GF” by Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures

Totally Super Spies” #1 through #4 by Mighty Female Muscle Comix

Touch Me There” by the BlowUp Girls

Zoey Growing Giantess Attack SFX” from Giantess Zone

(NOTE: Other reviews published over the last year covered older media and thus were not included in the above list.)

Of course, no one should be limited to building their personal top ten lists only from media reviewed at There She Grows. Every effort was made to cover a broad range of size and transformation-themed media. Nonetheless, our limited budget does not enable purchasing everything that was made. Further still, there are undoubtedly gaps due to a lack of familiarity with some creators or particular corners of the Internet.

Coming up next will be my thoughts on the past year in general and hopes for 2022. Be advised that it will be more personal and more political than the average post, because that’s just the kind of year 2021 was.

Until then, Happy New Year! Brace yourself for a lot more growing and shrinking at There She Grows over the next year!

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All Rights Reserved.

11 thoughts on “Top 10 Size-Fetish Creations of 2021

  1. Thanks for the shout-out and for all the great and thoughtful work you put into these reviews and interviews.

    Since you called out my wishes for 2021, how about for 2022? 🙂

    -Long-form storytelling: This already takes place in stories like “Domina’s Valley” and “Growing Bigger with Ayyla”. Would love to see that continue in 2022.

    -Better production values: The elusive mainstream giantess film remains a dream. But it would be nice for video creators to get creative with their techniques, scripts, effects, etc. I say this having zero knowledge of filmmaking and the effort and tools required to do it.

    -Great authors: To me, Rapscalion is the greatest giantess author ever. Would love to see someone take the mantle and create high quality stories which really trigger the imagination in 2022.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I heartily support your wishes for 2022! As for Rapscalion, I’m a huge fan of their growth stories, particularly “Big Nymphomaniac” and “Tree Hugger.” Big Nymphomaniac was my first exposure to giant couples, and if there’s any justice in the world then someone will make that into a movie with high-production values!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If I ever become wealthy I’d film Warren Vehec’s “Popped” & “The Wrestling Match” with practical effects. I’d work up to ‘Planet of the 10 Foot Amazons’ By Jim Reynolds later on & then Ed Lundt’s works like Too Much Muchacha & Growing Full.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hmm… I’m not familiar with those works. Found Warren Vehec’s “Popped” here:
        But none of the others. Can you point me toward those stories which you mentioned? I assume that the Ed Lundt works were hard-copy only.

        Liked by 1 person


        This story was featured in 1989’s Giantess! #2.

        Planet of the GTS’s; my first encounter with Isekai


        The Ed Lundt stories I mentioned are lost to the mists of time. I’m trying to get a working scanner.

        E- Hentai has a few fragments of EL Pub’s illustrious past.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Titan Quest is indeed awesome. Colossus Form Never got old. Hated the cool down, though…

    Speaking of games, Resident Evil: Village won GOTY on Steam. Shout out to the Mini Gts Lady Alcina Dimitrescu.

    Also, Night of the Voluptuous Vampires by Mara More is a nice homage to Lady D.

    Thank you for the year in review.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Colossus form is great for boss battles. Our timing was good, we started playing Titan Quest right before Steam’s holiday sale so were able to get the DLCs for cheap. The latest addition to Titan Quest, “Eternal Embers,” was released in early December and I’m curious what new improvements it provides. Overall, the game is pretty fun, but sometimes my avatar merely tries to move around enemies when I really want him to attack.

      If I can carve out enough time, I’d like to draft a comprehensive review of Lady Dimitrescu and some of the fan homages. Thanks to your tip, I’ll have to include a discussion of “Night of the Voluptuous Vampires” in that post!

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  3. Yo Solomon, thanks for the shout out. I appreciate it. I think that your doing a great job with this blow. So, guess what? I repeated the feat. I posted this in ALL my Facebook GTS Groups. You’re welcome.

    “ATTENTION GTS COMMUNITY: There is a blog that you should check out. It’s called, “There She Grows”. It’s owned and operated by Solomon G. He writes GTS stories and reviews multiple GTS media content. He just posted his Top Ten Size Fetish Creations List of 2021. Give it the once over when you get a chance. And tell him in the comments that I recommended it to you. Later.

    There She Grows Top Ten Size Fetish Creations List of 2021:

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much Darrin! I really appreciate that.


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